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As we are in the IT industry and as other IT service providers are constantly looking for other developers, we have developed a simple solution to support the processes from recruitment to scheduling appointments and hiring employees.

We created the software from the beginning so that we can offer it as a finished product.

Due to the confusion and chaos in the application process, we were forced to use a software solution to support the process. Before using easyRECRUIT, the following things happened during the application process. 

  • The application deadlines were not coordinated.
  • Sometimes an application form has been lost.
  • We had no statistics on applications.
  • Invitations and e-mails were sent manually from Outlook – no central archive of email notifications.
  • Process was too slow – sometimes the interviews did not take place.

Thanks to the use of easyRECRUIT our application process has been optimized and we save time and money. Here are some advantages that the use of the software has brought us.

  • All applications are collected centrally.
  • Appointments are archived in the applications and they are synchronized with Outlook.
  • The same applies to emails and documents.
  • Thanks to tasks, the process steps are controlled by multiple users.
  • Thanks to the search options and the archive, we can find all the information very quickly.
  • Our ads are published very easily and quickly on our web.
  • Each time we see interesting statistics that help us plan the campaigns better.
  • Employee involvement in the application process is very quick and easy.
  • Access via all devices (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc.).

See process presentation below, you will find out here how we use the software. Of course, the process can be adapted to your needs.

The advertisement for a vacancy can be created directly in easyRECRUIT. A link will be generated, which can then be copied to your web pages, and the ad will be published quickly. In easyRECRUIT you can define the registration form as you like (which fields are accessible to the interested parties or which are marked as mandatory fields.

The registrations will be sent to the defined email address. A user can then assign individual applications to different users as tasks. The responsible persons are of course informed by email and can examine the prospective customers in easyRECRUIT The invitation is then sent automatically after the appointment has been entered as a predefined email to the prospective customer and the appointment is saved by the person responsible in Outlook.

After the meeting, the responsible person can re-enter the status of the registration (the status can be freely defined by the admin). All will be automatically informed by email and the interested party can then be archived.

Main functionalities of easyRECRUIT:

  • Web application – this is a web application that runs in popular browsers. So you do not have to install anything and just access it. You can also have the application installed by your provider. easyRECRUIT has responsive design and is therefore accessible on mobile devices.
  • Multilingualism – currently we have the application in German, English and Czech. New language can be added in a few days.
  • User Management – the application has a simple user administration.
  • Email template management – since emails are sent as notifications from the application at every process step, easyRECRUIT has an email template management, where you can create as many email templates as you like. You have variables available to send information such as appointments.
  • Status management – in status management you can define your own status and add the email templates to the status.
  • Registration Form Management – you can customize the login form for the web pages you need to fill in, add new fields. So you can create a form that is suitable for your individual purposes.

Create ads – You can create as many ads as you like and publish them on your websites. You can copy the ads and get the link generated.

Applicants Overviews – the registered applicants are collected in the applicant overview. Here you can change the status, contact applicants, archive etc.

To-do lists – from each login you can create a task for other users. The user will be informed immediately by email and can edit the task after logging in.

Archiving – after the interest has been processed, his registration can be archived in order to improve the clarity of the registrations.


There are predefined graphs in the system, e.g. Overview of registrations for individual ads, months, number of answers, etc. Of course, further individual reports can be installed.