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easySPORTclub – developed with love, because #weloveit

 Our innovative system for sports clubs will become your efficient helper #sport

The WEB APPLICATION was developed in cooperation with sports clubs to meet the needs of coaches, players and of course the management. Our web application simplifies processes related to the normal operations of the club, such as nominations for events and matches, financial management (club fees, coach remuneration), presence, communication and notification. The application is available around the clock.

SYSTEM BENEFITS – for coaches and managers:

  • Easy communication with team members
  • Directory of categories and teams
  • Administration of player lists
  • Overviews of training units, excuses from training
  • Evidence of the presence of players
  • Administration of the player nominations

SYSTEM ADVANTAGES – for players:

  • Monitoring of nominations
  • training plans
  • Access to player lists
  • Apologies from training
  • Payment reports
  • Overview of cancelled trainings
  • Club News
  • Fanshop

SYSTEM ADVANTAGES – for club management:

  • A quick overview of what is happening in the club
  • Overview of all transactions (club fees, coach payments)
  • Clear database of all club members

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