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UBK provides software development outsourcing services, such as custom application development, expert consulting, testing and other IT outsourcing. Our developers work quickly, efficiently, offering high-quality engineering consulting services and outsourcing software development.

Outsourcing is an efficient transfer of IT processes to companies in a nearby country to ensure lower personnel costs.

Our partners are renowned IT companies that have used our resources for their own projects. Business models are very different and range from mere development of components to a complete design of a whole project.

About developers outsourcing:

A UBK developer spends 2-6 weeks at a partner on the site. He or she gets to know the team and the standard practices of the partner and then he or she cooperates as a member of the team from our office in Pilsen.

He or she can also visit the partner if it is required. This approach reduces the expenses associated with travelling and accommodation.

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