23. 6. 2021

Cooperation with the company Elkamet s.r.o.

We have established cooperation with the German company Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH, specifically with the Czech plant in Nýřany. We will work on the further development of the company’s internal systems. The ...
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17. 6. 2021

First joint event this year #cheers

We caught up on all the birthday and anniversary wishes, and finally enjoyed the performance of Fajnmen (Richard Feynman) by Jakub Zindulka at the DIALOG theatre. #weloveit #UBKgeeks #UBKstories #niceafternoon ...
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16. 6. 2021

Yesterday we enjoyed a visit from Mr Manfred Holm

Mr Holm is a representative of AC Automatic Convenience GmbH, for whom we are developing a new version of the control software for LARA BEVANDOR vending machines. This will run ...
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14. 6. 2021

We strengthen the #PHP team

We welcome Honza among us #welcome on board & #enjoy  #UBKstories #UBKgeeks #UBKmen #pilsen #team #java #newcolleague #newreinforcement #welcome #software #weloveit #hiring #honza #webdesign
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14. 6. 2021

Project for ZENK Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbH

For the law firm ZENK with offices in Berlin and Hamburg, we implemented a project in which office products were provided with additional menus and distributed throughout the organisation (distribution ...
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3. 6. 2021

easySIGN – digitally sign PDF documents

The new easySIGN product responds to the need of organisations to centralise electronic document signing and digital trust services in one place. It brings trust to the world of electronic ...
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19. 5. 2021

We develop customized software for small, medium and large companies in all industries (production, trade, services)

We are an EXPORT IT COMPANY with more than 15 years of history and a large number of quality developers and enthusiasts. We guarantee professional level and quality through years of practice ...
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13. 5. 2021

We started working with the agency BYTEFOREST from Berlin

On the recommendation of our clients in Germany, we were approached by BYTEFOREST to work on their client projects. Now we are already implementing our first project, which is a ...
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7. 5. 2021

New website for Eurobuchlogistik

For the subsidiary of our client IBS Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, company Eurobuchlogistik GmbH, we build new website in WordPress. The client’s initial reaction to the first version was ...
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4. 5. 2021

We are happy to support children from the DOMINO children’s home in Pilsen and LDT Energetik summer camps

We support DOMINO either by collecting money or by organising fun afternoons with sports activities and treats for the children. For example, we support LDT Energetik by funding field trip ...
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3. 5. 2021

UBK starts cooperation with Coop cooperative

Since May, UBK has been working together with Coop in Switzerland, which has a turnover of 30 billion CHF. In Switzerland, everyone knows Coop. But Coop is much more than ...
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22. 4. 2021

Baby boom in the #UBKofffice

Our collaborator, .NET/Python team member Michal is a proud double daddy of little Valerie since yesterday evening #congrats #michal #valerie #baby #babyboom #UBKstories #UBKgeeks #UBKmen #weloveit
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