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Are you the owner of a website, application or e-shop? Then easyTEST will definitely come in handy.

Why easyTEST?

It is an application created by our developers that uses the main functionalities of Selenium technology to check whether the application, website or e-shop is working properly. In the application, tests are created without the need to write code in a programming language. Performs essentially all steps as a normal user. You can see the test result immediately in the application after completing the test. If the test fails, the application will show a screenshot of where the problem occurred (describing why it occurred).

Another key functionality of easyTEST are tasks. Tasks are ‘packages’ of tests which are automatically started in selected time period. The result of the whole task is then sent to the e-mail. If any test fails, you can check the history of the test in the easyTEST application and see a screenshot with the page where the fail occured.

Do not worry about a tons of spamming e-mails. You will receive an e-mail notification only when the task fails so you can fix any problem that occurred on your website. You can also disable tasks for some time if you don’t need to check the test for some time. Then re-active them to receive a notification again.

easyTEST - email

Last but not least you can create a various users for your workspace. There are two types of roles – user and admin. User role can see the tests which are assigned to role user, can start them, check the result and test histories. Admin role can see all the tests of the workspace, can edit them, remove them or add new one. Admin role can also manage users of your workspace.

In the application you can find help, when you follow the tutorial steps, you can set up the tests by yourself or we can help you with them.

The application runs on our server, so it is possible to rent it without the need for installation. Customers of the easyTEST application are for example the Swiss companies Health and Life AG.