Get a NONSTOP overview of the functionality of your website, your e-shop or your web application #businessisbusiness

The EasyTEST application is a clear and simple tool for automatic testing with targeting of certain HTML elements.The test process is recorded in the application so that it is available when the process is complete.

The application is ready to connect to the PagerDuty system to escalate incidents #realtime #incidentresponse

On the application’s introductory screen there is a clearly arranged table that allows you to immediately see the results of individual tests.

So what activities can be carried out programmatically in the browser thanks to the easyTEST application?

Basically everything a normal user does. Transitions to different URLs, clicking on elements (units), filling in input fields or selecting from selection lists. In addition, the application can of course receive information from the displayed website, which can then be checked. The application can address individual elements on a web page in various ways, the most important of which is the ID of these elements. However, it is also possible to process XPath queries / addresses, for example.

Notification / test results – the user receives the test results at predefined e-mail addresses. The history of each test provides a clear error report, including screenshots for better orientation.

All tests contain predefined start times and their periodicity. The frequency of the test starts is freely adjustable.

Simple user administration, including role definition and access to a specific workspace.

WORKSPACES – the ability to predefine any number of tested websites, e-shops and applications.

The application runs in the cloud, so it can be borrowed without installation. This application runs for example on 2 websites of the Swiss company Health and Life AG