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Axon Ivy AG

Thanks to our close collaboration with our partner Axon Ivy, we entered the world of process automation 12 years ago, and since then, we have together realized many inspiring projects. Our long-term work is focused on electronic information systems and waste processing for chemical companies. Additionally, we are actively involved in developing applications for efficient meeting management and personnel planning. Among our currently developed applications is, for example, comprehensive infrastructure and software management. In our activities, we utilize Axon.Ivy tools based on workflow and process automation.

E.ON Czech Republic

We develop interesting workflow projects for our client, the leading energy provider E.ON Česká republika. Our work focuses on implementing a tool for enterprise process management, Axon.Ivy. As part of process digitization, we concentrate, for example, on billing and ensure the integration with SAP ERP systems and other web services during the implementation.

targenio GmbH

We have been collaborating with targenio GmbH since 2011, jointly developing and implementing the product targenio. For over 10 years, targenio GmbH has been digitizing complex enterprise processes and maximizing automation for global companies in the automotive industry, logistics, aviation, travel, and financial services. We specialize in digitalization, flexible collaboration, and communication among manufacturers, customers, suppliers, and service providers in the supply chain.

Recordbay GmbH

Our collaboration with Recorday GmbH started in 2019, and since then, we have been regularly undertaking exciting projects in the development of web applications, mobile applications, WordPress projects, and 3D animation. These projects allow us to present products from new perspectives and, in some cases, even delve beneath the surface.

AC Automatic Convenience GmbH

We are developing a portal in PHP using the Symfony framework for AC Automatic Convenience GmbH. This portal is designed for remote control and management of vending machines, beverages, and permissions. Additionally, we are working on a service-oriented Java application that allows users to interactively select and combine beverages directly on the touchscreen of the vending machine. These machines are often installed on large ocean liners and in luxury hotels.

Wood for Life Foundation

In 2019, we successfully went through a selection process and obtained a contract to provide programming services for the “Dřevo pro život” Foundation. This foundation spreads awareness about forests, wood, and the environment throughout the country. We manage several web portals for the foundation utilizing the WordPress and Joomla platforms. Through its key project “Dřevo je cesta,” the foundation aims to inform the Czech public about the importance of forests for society, their care, and the possibilities of sustainable and responsible wood utilization on a long-term and systematic basis.