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Axon Ivy AG

Working with our partner Axon Ivy, we entered the world of process automation 12 years ago. During these 12 years we have implemented many interesting projects together. We have been working for a long time on an electronic information and waste processing system for a chemical company. We are also working on a meeting management and staff scheduling application. One of the other applications under development takes care of infrastructure and software management, for example. In deployment is Axon.Ivy, which is based on workflow and process automation. 

E.ON Czech Republic

We develop interesting workflow projects for our client, a major energy provider, E.ON Czech Republic. It is an implementation of the BPM tool Axon.Ivy. Our team is implementing the digitalization of processes, for example processes related to billing. During the implementation, we also implement interfaces to the SAP ERP system and other web services.

targenio GmbH

Since 2011, we have been cooperating with targenio GmbH on the development and implementation of the targenio product. For more than 10 years, targenio GmbH has been digitizing complex business processes and maximizing automation for global companies in the automotive, logistics, aviation, tourism and financial services industries. Targenio specializes in digitization, flexible collaboration and communication between manufacturers, customers, suppliers and service providers in the supply chain.

Recordbay GmbH

The cooperation with Recorday GmbH started in 2019. Since then, we have been regularly working on interesting projects in the field of web development, mobile app development, WordPress projects and also on projects in the field of 3D animation, which gives you the opportunity to show the product from a different point of view, in some cases you can literally get under the surface.

Söllner Communications AG

Since 2018 we work with Söllner Communications AG on customer projects in the field of web application development, especially WordPress projects. After several successful projects, we have also realized a very interesting joint project of a sales platform, easyShop, which is based on the WordPress content management system and Woocommerce. The platform also offers fast website development and social media support.

AC Automatic Convenience GmbH

For AC Automatic Convenience GmbH we program in PHP, the Symfony framework, a portal for remote control and management of vending machines, drinks and, for example, permissions. In addition, we are developing a Java-based service application that offers the user an interactive way to select and combine drinks directly in the vending machine using a touch screen. The vending machines are mainly installed on large ocean liners and in luxury hotels.

Wood for Life Foundation

In 2019, we won a tender to supply programming services for the Wood for Life Foundation. The Wood for Life Foundation spreads awareness nationwide about forests, wood and the environment. We manage several web portals in WordPress and Joomla for the Foundation. With its umbrella project Wood is the Way, the Foundation contributes to the long-term and systematic informing of the Czech public about the importance of the richness of forests for society, ways of caring for them, and the possibilities of developing a gentle and considerate use of wood.