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Almost all our #UBKgeeks work out of consideration for the health from #homeoffice. We are #UBKteam and we are all proud of all #UBKgeeks! Thanks for being with us. All projects are ...
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#UBKoffice – company relocation

The year 2020 is full of news and changes and we announce a change of address #UBKoffice! In September #UBKgeeks will move to a new #UBKoffice in the centre of ...
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e-commerce threesome developer by #UBKgeeks!

#easySHOP – #easyTEST – #easyCOMPLAINT This is everything you need to make your internet business work! In only 48 hours you can have a fully functional e-shop thanks to our ...
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14. 1. 2021

Cooperation with the company Health & Life AG

We have been working with Health & Life AG for 4 years to enhance their e-shops and Our developers regularly implement new functions in both e-shops. We look ...
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12. 1. 2021

#UBKgeek David, College Station, USA

To deepen our collaboration with our American clients, we sent David on a business trip to the USA. David is currently working on several projects for local companies. He also ...
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11. 1. 2021

Smart ideas need smart solutions

Our experts, #UBKgeeks, are here to help you with that! We will be happy to create for you not only applications that will facilitate your work and business management, we ...
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4. 1. 2021

In 2021, we are still ready to fulfil all your IT needs

We offer websites & e-shops development, development of information systems, web and mobile applications. At the same time, we thank all #UBKgeeks for their efforts in 2020 #Withoutyouitwouldntwork #UBKstories #weloveit ...
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2. 1. 2021

Follow our new Instagram profile

And see our latest stories, information about our projects, references and many other interesting posts from the #UBKgeeks life 👉 @ubk.softwaredevelopment #UBKstories #UBKteam #UBKoffice #outsourcing #codinglife #developerslife #softwaredevelopment #plzen #czechrepublic #weloveit #followus
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21. 12. 2020

We wish you a wonderful Christmastime

We wish you a wonderful Christmas in your cosy and fragrant homes with everyone you love. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year when we will be ...
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7. 12. 2020

Keep your business under control with the easyTEST application

The application gives you an overview of how your website, e-shop or web app works. It’s up to you whether the test takes place every 10 minutes, every hour, once ...
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2. 12. 2020

Christmas party in the spirit of #LANparty. So we will celebrate our common year 2020.

On the 18th of December 2020 the company will be lit by screens only. Nobody will have any idea what time it is or what day (or year) it is. ...
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24. 11. 2020

Today we were pleasantly surprised by children from the DOMINO children’s home

Due to the long-term cooperation they gave us beautiful Advent wreaths, which the children made themselves. „Dear children, thank you very much. The wreaths were very successful. As soon as ...
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11. 11. 2020

New e-shop

This time our customer wanted to start the e-shop on 11.11. at 11:11 and it succeeded. A further E-Shop, developed on the easySHOP platform –, is in the world. ...
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10. 11. 2020

You will not miss #UBKOffice on Klatovská třída 7 in Pilsen

We have already clearly “marked” the entrance to the passage, where all #UBKgeeks work with a smile and joy in projects. #wearehappy #wehavealogo #UBKbrand #UBKoffice #drawn #Klatovska #Pilsen #wearevisible #haveyounoticed ...
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9. 11. 2020

Interview with Eliška Kollerová

What brought you to UBK? As they say, all bad is good for something and I was brought to UBK by the spring pandemic. In my previous job, I toyed ...
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