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#UBKoffice – company relocation

The year 2020 is full of news and changes and we announce a change of address #UBKoffice! In September #UBKgeeks will move to a new #UBKoffice in the centre of ...
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Important post

e-commerce threesome developer by #UBKgeeks!

#easySHOP – #easyTEST – #easyCOMPLAINT This is everything you need to make your internet business work! In only 48 hours you can have a fully functional e-shop thanks to our ...
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23. 9. 2020

From September 21, 2020 we are in the new office!

#UBKgirls & #UBKboys are already working at a new address and are fully prepared to meet more and new challenges for our customers! The new #UBKoffice in Klatovská třída 7 ...
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15. 9. 2020

The smart fridge for #UBKoffice will soon be ready

Soon our Smart Fridge will be filled with treats! And to make sure no one eats a snack from someone else, colleagues select the delicacies from the fridge using a ...
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11. 9. 2020

We are here with another reference!

Our important Swiss client company, for whom we modified the e-shop (Prestashop) praises us. And you know how demanding Swiss customers are! But our guys managed the order perfectly, here ...
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7. 9. 2020

We recently announced our cooperation with the German company VitalBilanz Consulting Group

… and we already know that this cooperation works! We help the customer to get feedback from customers for further development and movement. What was the exact reaction of VitalBilanz Consulting Group?  “Everything ...
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3. 9. 2020

Interview with Jáchym on seamless communication, fresh strawberries, corporate culture and management’s approach to developers…

How did you hear about UBK and how did you get there? My friend and current team leader Kamil Pešek worked at UBK. And when he found out that I ...
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31. 8. 2020

The health of our #UBKgeeks is important to us

…we suck sour celaskon and enjoy autumn teas full of vitamins. Many thanks to all our enthusiasts for their commitment #withoutyouitwouldnotwork #weloveit ❤️ #UBKstories # covid_19 #prevention #healthycompany #nothingcanstopus #vitamins #celaskon ...
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19. 8. 2020

Today we give our #UBKgeeks peaches and NERO drinks #WeSupportHeroes

This opens the cooperation with the company NERO. NERO Drinks become part of the new UBK SMART FRIDGE. With the purchase of the NERO Drink we contribute to the support ...
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18. 8. 2020

#easyCOMPLAINT is a cloud claims management system

Your business is running smoothly… if only the complaints process were simpler? We have the ideal solution for you, which you do not have to buy immediately, just rent! #easyCOMPLAINT is ...
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10. 8. 2020

There are various part-time jobs…

With the summer, the often associated word brigade in #UBK takes on a whole new dimension. Our PHP developer Tomáš teaches part-time employees in #UBKoffice how to develop their own ...
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7. 8. 2020

An interview with teamleader Karel Taušer about his life goals, the experiences…

What were your beginnings in UBK and since when do we date them? I have been with UBK from the very beginning, first for UBK GmbH and in 2004 we ...
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6. 8. 2020

How can you easily control your business?

With our application #easyTEST you have an overview of how your website, e-shop or web app works. It is a simple tool for automatic tests that makes your life easier ...
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