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We wish you a wonderful Christmas

We wish you a wonderful Christmas in your cosy and fragrant homes with everyone you love. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year when we will be ...
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High quality websites and e-shops in CMS WordPress and WooCommerce by #UBKgeeks

For 5 years now, we have been developing websites and e-shops of various sizes on the WordPress and WooCommerce platform. We offer professional responsive web design, UX design, full development, ...
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17. 1. 2022

Cooperation with the anti-stress agency PROBOSTON

We have started a cooperation with the marketing agency PROBOSTON. We develop custom applications in JavaScript. The PROBOSTON agency uses technology and specialised professionals. It thus creates authentic experiences in ...
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15. 1. 2022

Beautiful hattrick of our teamleader Karel

Karel Taušer is not only a long-time and great teamleader of Axon.Ivy team, but also a proud father of three girls. Marie, Karolina and now Anna #congrats #Karel #Anna #baby ...
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10. 1. 2022

Baby boom in the #UBKoffice

Our Axon.Ivy Gryphon team member, David, is a proud double daddy of little Ben since last night #congratulations  #david #ben #baby #babyboom #UBKstories #UBKgeeks #UBKmen #weloveit #java #gryphon #axonivy
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5. 1. 2022

#UBKgeeks are our fuel!

We welcome a new colleague, Honza, who will join the Axon.Ivy team #welcomeonboard & #enjoy #UBKstories #UBKgeeks #UBKmen #plzen #team #java #welcome #axonivy #weloveit 
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29. 11. 2021

Cooperation with codemanufaktur GmbH

The cooperation with codemanufaktur from Erlangen continues successfully. #weloveit ❤️ Due to the high level of satisfaction, our partner would like to further expand the team in 2022 with the following ...
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25. 11. 2021

Further deepening of cooperation with Axon Ivy AG

In 2020, we celebrated the anniversary of 10 years of cooperation with the company AXON IVY AG. We are now looking forward to further deepening this cooperation. #weloveit In 2022, ...
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19. 11. 2021

Cooperation with Wood for Life Foundation

The saying “You are a piece of wood!” definitely does not apply to us! Since summer 2019, we have been working successfully with the Wood for Life Foundation. We will ...
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16. 11. 2021

LANparty vol. 3 & team presentations

Last Friday we enjoyed a work-free afternoon together with #UBKgeeks. On the agenda were LANparty vol. 3 & team presentations. Thanks to the regular and, above all, amusing team presentations, ...
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10. 11. 2021

Cooperation with the company Elkamet continues

In the spring of this year we started cooperation with Elkamet s.r.o.. After completing the initial development tasks, we agreed on further long-term cooperation in the field of developing applications ...
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4. 11. 2021

Welcome, trainee Zdenek

Life isn’t just school, but what you learn when you’re young is what you’ll value later in your career. #welcome, Zdeněk from INFIS. Learn as much as you can. You’ll need ...
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25. 10. 2021

Projects for E.ON Czech Republic continue successfully

We are successfully continuing projects for our client, a large energy supplier, E.ON Czech Republic. Specifically, it is the implementation of the BPM tool Axon.Ivy. Our #UBKgeeks team is implementing ...
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