An interview with teamleader Karel Taušer about his life goals, the experiences…

I have been with UBK from the very beginning, first for UBK GmbH and in 2004 we founded the Czech company UBK s.r.o., since then I have been a partner.

The management position was of course created by the foundation of the company, gradually transformed into the management of one of the development teams. I also take care of the cooperation with one of the long-term partners.

A bit strict. In my opinion, success depends on quality, which in turn depends on striving and precision. 

I have been working with Axon.ivy technology for a long time, so we once created a team of developers working with this technology. The team develops according to the current requirements of the market and the company, in other words all of us.

For more than 10 years we have been working in UBK with our partner company Axon, where their tool for modeling and implementing processes is interesting in itself. Thanks to this cooperation I had the opportunity to participate in large foreign projects, travel and meet many great people. 

In my private life it is a healthy and happy family. At work then a successful company and successful projects.

Meeting, briefing etc. A bit like the well-known song (“… meeting, briefing, brainstorming…”), but, I spend most of the day teleconferencing.

I devote myself to my family and ride my bike. 

In principle it thrives, although sometimes I can’t “switch off” at home 🙂

I like coming to work, but Monday is a challenge, I have a lot of thoughts in my head about what to do next week.

I prefer to work in an office where I can talk personally with colleagues. 

I like different teambuilding activities, excellent people work in the company and outside work I like to have fun with colleagues.

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