Flutter training for David Lukeš 👉 What did David tell us about the FLUTTER training?

🗣 I have been interested in Flutter for a long time, mainly because of its multiplatform nature (a common code base for iOS, Android as well as websites). Although I have been skeptical about cross-platform development for a long time, I wondered what it would look like if Google took it in hand and came up with a solution other than Javascript or C # … DART. Thanks to my previous experience mainly with Java and Swift (and the native development of mobile applications), I had no problem quickly finding my way around the new programming language Dart, which I think has taken the best of other languages and is very similar to Java (… or better yet Kotlin).

🗣 Thanks to a course led by Dr. Angela Yu, who is also a programming lecturer at the London App Brewery, I was able to learn basic Dart operations in a relatively short time (from basic things like working with data types to using GPS, accelerometers and other mobile peripherals, “promise kits”, working with layout, networking, etc.), Flutter settings with the ability to port code to different platforms, the advantages and disadvantages of which are submitted by someone who has been developing in Flutter for a while.

🗣 I like to use video courses (from experienced instructors) mainly because I don’t have to spend hours (days, weeks) on documentation.

🗣 I still have a few video lessons ahead of me, but I already know that Flutter is a good choice for simpler applications where it definitely saves time and associated costs. It has great potential, great documentation, a relatively large community and a number of libraries (whether from the Dart team or the public).

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