For children with love ❤️

With the launch of the new product @liveandlocalformusicfreaks, we launched a children’s support campaign for the Domino Children’s Home, Pilsen. #thanksforyourhelp 😍
👉 The Indian village is under construction and will serve as a base for sports and recreational use for children from different organisations and for the public.
We will contribute for the selected amount by buying of oil lapmps for the tents.
👉 Children can look forward to a special game created for them with a sophisticated program full of games, activities and model situations, the goal being to experience and get to know the problem and to solve problems. This project called Game for Life can begin!
Stop taking a virtual world for a moment and see what’s around us. #playforlife
For children with love ❤️
#wearehelping #charity #UBKgirls #UBKlove