#UBKinternational – MAROKO

For today’s World Cultural Diversity Day, we are launching a series of events that will entertain us. #youbet
👉 UBK is open to all, and welcomes colleagues from different nationalities. Cultural diversity opens our eyes and we definitely want to have it open.
👉 “Cultural diversity is a common heritage of humanity. It is a source of revival of ideas and societies that open ourselves to others and discover new ways of thinking. Diversity creates opportunities for peace and sustainable development. “
One day in a month, we always donate a country and organize small snacks and other accompanying activities in her honor.
👉 Today they were #UBKgirls & #UBKmen premiered – our dear colleague Mohammed Benomar introduced us his land – MOROCCO.
We finished the lecture with a nice refreshment from the original Moroccan ingredients. #yummiyummi

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