we come with OFFICE JOGA

Spring is in full swing, UBK as well! As part of the #UBKfit programm, we want to challenge #UBKgirls and #UBKmen back to a healthy lifestyle.

☀ After the winter distribution of fresh vitamins during the flu season

☀ Solution of blockages and back problems by a chiropractor and

☀ Fresh smoothie cocktails in early spring

☀ we come with OFFICE YOGA. #healthycompany


 We will practice YOGA in our company – on the roof – in the fresh air! #withtheviewofpilsen

☀ A lesson takes place every week and lasts 60 minutes.

☀ The course focuses on classical yoga and finger yoga. #stopcarpaltunnelsyndrome

☀ The course is led by a certified lecturer, Mrs. Bartovská Bc. 

☀ We learn to breathe properly, to sit, to stretch, to relax and to draw energy.

☀ We can refresh ourselves in our own showers.

☀ The yoga is there for everyone and is paid by the company.