We develop reliable applications and customized software

We have many years of experience in providing IT services. Our roots go back to the year 2004, when the branch of the company UBK GmbH was founded in Germany. The independence was declared 9 years later and since then we count to a professional on the market. A total of 8 teams are involved in solving the individual needs of customers using all the technologies available today and applying their own methods that guarantee a high quality of the final product.

The development of mobile applications or customized software is usually more expensive way from the point of view of initial investment. However, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need. The expenses for the individual parts of the application are completely under your control. The application can be gradually built up and adapted to your needs, which usually change over time. You just know what you pay for.

How are the customized mobile and software applications developed? At the beginning, the most important thing is a good analysis and suggestion of the system. This is the guarantee of understanding between the customer and the supplier. The result of this phase is a detailed specification, on the basis of which the programmers can start their work. In the development of applications, we work with agile methods in high-quality teams.

It is also necessary to remember that as the organization grows and the internal factors change, the demands on the projects can change. However, a high-quality software team should be able to predict and focus on the distribution, editing and possibly integration with other systems during development.

In UBK we have experience with the use of projects in different environments. It was a rented hosting, or complex heterogeneous environments with high availability requirements. The way in which the work is implemented in the target environment is discussed with the customer at an early stage.

Our other strong side is the development of web presentations, e-shops and the granting of endowment consulting (including the complex realization of endowment projects), workflow management, and digitization and process optimization.

We pay attention to technical and linguistic further education of our employees and for important we consider also a regular charitable activity. We support financially the hematology and oncology department of the University clinic of Pilsen, the children’s home Domino and the shelter for animals in need.