We support the emergence of preventive and enlightening publications for children

The publication is also available in electronic form.

First aid coloring books – cooperation in the field of first aid between the Czech Red Cross and IV – Publishing house s.r.o. continues to make successful the realization of the third edition title, which this time is intended for the smallest ones. We believe that the first aid coloring books will not only make the work fun, but it will introduce the kids to the theme of providing first aid in an entertaining way. The author of the coloring books is Mgr. E. Bernatová and behind the illustration is Martin Zich. The coloring books will be distributed throughout the Czech Republic.
We wish you all a fun time with the coloring books. The goal of the cooperation with the IV-publishing house s.r.o. is in the spirit of the traditional activity of the Red Cross – namely the range of impact of children spreading to children and young people, raising them with a necessary skill to provide first aid.

Yout UBK-Team