☃️ #wearethechampionsatteamwork

As we are busy with planning 15 years anniversary of UBK, our #teambuilding will be #INTHEWINTER! ☃️

Outside is pretty hot, but in a few months we’ll cool down during the next planned teambuliding! #itsgonnabecool

We will go to the mountains in January 2020 and the program will be similar to teambuilding at Lipno in 2015. We can ski ⛷, walk 🚶‍♂️or sculpt the ice sculptures 🔨! We will be supported by the well-known Pilsen company @IceFactoryPlzen, which will bring us blocks of ice and what we will make of them will be upon us. 

#takeahammerwithyou #wecutoutbigtits #wearecreative