Inquiry form

Inquiry form

    EN The information provided helps us to better understand your ideas and expectations and to prepare a solution tailored to your ideas.

    1. Have you written down a formal application specification?

    2. How should we take the project? To what extent do you want to be courageous in the implemented solution?

    3. Is your application supposed to sell something? Do you want to connect to one of the payment methods?

    4. Are you connected to a system(s)?

    5. Do you have a graphical concept of the application ready?

    6. Do you have a graphic manual or at least the logo of the manual?

    7. Is it possible to make it available for the creation of graphic designs?

    8. Do you plan to create and deliver all the necessary texts, or will the services of our copywriter help you?

    9. Do you have photos ready for the project or would you like to take them yourself?

    10. Do you prefer to "rent" a professional photographer or use the services of photo banks?

    11. On which server is the application running?

    12. Is the draft (design) of the database architecture provided by you?

    13. Should the application support multilingualism?

    14. Would you like the application to be spread by our company?

    15. Do you know the process of web application development?

    16. Would you like to be kept up to date with the changes we are making?

    17. Do you need support for older web browsers such as Internet Explorer 11?

    18. Do you have an environment available for the production run of the application (domain, hosting)?

    19. Will we work with programmers from other companies during development?

    20. Do you prefer a particular development technology?

    21. Do you have special requirements for the versions of the technologies used (e.g. PHP)?

    22. Do you prefer a specific system for project management and task, bag and change management?