👉 NEWSLETTER CODING – everything you need to know about the principles of HTML email coding to obtain ideal workflows and tools that facilitate responsiveness and testing The devil doesn’t hide in the details when coding email templates. Not even in Outlook. He is hidden in the knowledge of the right workflow. 

👉 JAVASCRIPT TOOLS – sometimes it is necessary to make it really clear which tools should be used. NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, Karma… an ecosystem for writing, testing and collaborating around frontend code overview. Today one of the most experienced Czech-Slovakian Javascript developers, Riki Fridrich, guides us through the jungle of Javascript tools. 

👉 MASTER DEVELOPMENT OF THE WORDPRESS WEBSITE – we love webmaking. Custom site development is simply #cool. We have completed the Word Master Web Development Training with a great professional and lecturer Jan Bien.

👉 OPTIMIZATION OF WEB SPEED – A slow website is a scarecrow for every company and every (also potential) customer. After having participated in this training, we have taken precautions in this area! 

👉 EFFICIENT USE OF ReactJS – ReactJS and related tools offer a number of benefits that allow you to quickly create a complex interactive application. 

👉 PHP OOP – The course covers both the principles of object-oriented programming in general and their correct application in PHP, allowing the creation of extensible and long-term maintainable web applications.