Pepa Koupal has been working for us for almost 10 years…

I work almost exclusively on a project for Airbus. Sometimes I do internal training or work on a smaller project for E.ON, for example. All my projects are connected to the JAVA platform Axon.ivy. So far, I don’t mind.

This is the mentioned project for Airbus/Luftwaffe. The team I belong to for this project is based partly in Vienna and partly in Munich under the company Axon.ivy. The product is called ASTECS and is such a ticketing system for owners of military aircraft like Eurofighter or Tornado. The project has been running for 8 years and I have been involved from the beginning. In the beginning it was intensive, then a few quiet years and now we are back in a strenuous phase as we are submitting the main version. I see the biggest advantage in the cooperation with a German speaking team and customers as well as in the technologically and project-related interesting and professional work level. I have learned a lot from colleagues. The disadvantage of the project is the bureaucratic apparatus and the growing volume of meetings.

While still at school I worked for a smaller company in the same building as UBK, which at that time did not have enough projects. They lent me to UBK and I never went back there. That was in 2011. At that time UBK was much more interesting for me professionally.

A bit of tradition, I am one of the longest employed here. It is a work in a young team with modern and diverse technologies. So, although I am not a good example – :). It is more the case with other colleagues from UBK, but I am not complaining about it. Entertaining out-of-work events and team buildings, relaxing environment. Of course, it’s not every day a holiday, but that’s probably nowhere.

Bike to work, coffee, breakfast sometimes, work. Then lunch and post-gastronomic dementia and the second half of the day begins. Sometimes I stay here longer and take my hours off. I don’t make many contacts, on one hand my team is somewhere else and on the other hand I am IT, not true         – :). At first, I was used to start at ten, but lately I prefer to get up earlier and go home earlier.

I consider full-day remote meetings to be non-standard days, half-day meetings followed by corporate events, and business trips. And, also those days when something “burns”, when you can’t get something done, and the time passes rather compressed.

A lot of vacation with longer employment, location in the city centre and the willingness of the management to agree on some things.

Programming as such. Also, business trips, which I see more as excursions. And the team buildings. Flexibility.

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