This time we asked our administrator Láďa

In general, the main task of an administrator is to provide a functional environment for developers. Once a developer can no longer develop, there is a problem. Specifically, this means implementing, maintaining and configuring services for all business activities, from production servers that keep customer projects sharp across development environments to internal applications for work registration, document sharing and communication. Each of these steps can break down other layers such as configuring Web servers, version control systems and databases, backup, automation, security, licensing, and even helping colleagues do their normal jobs.

It will be 4 years at the end of the holidays.

During my studies I gradually realized that being a programmer was not quite for me. At that time I was more inclined to work as a networker and I also liked different operating systems, hardware, web design and system administration in general. My previous job was a bit different and I was gradually thinking about a change. One day I discovered a job offer as “system administrator” by chance and decided to apply for it. I didn’t know UBK until then. The scope of work corresponds exactly to my expectations

Well, otherwise I wouldn’t be working here. The atmosphere between colleagues (and friends) is very good, there is no pressure or stress at work, the content of my work is varied. Of course, some things sometimes don’t go easily, others could be done better, but I think it’s all normal, there is always a place to move on.

Undoubtedly that there are enough projects, the company is developing and the wages are coming. These are certainly the same goals of all managers. Every day there are different events that contribute to a good atmosphere among the people. We often have meetings, activities, different treats and gifts, travel lectures and much more. Everything is adapted to our age group, which of course suits us (me).

Every job should move one person forward. I have moved a lot, but most of all I think that things are finally moving in the right direction. I didn’t have that feeling before.

The working hours are not fixed, but I still try to come at 7 and leave at half past three. There aren’t many of those around here, in the morning there’s a “dead” atmosphere at work. But I am not always willing to get up. Sometimes the computer has to be pulled out at home. Most colleagues go to work later and I should be available to everyone.

The direct superior is the owner and manager Lukáš Tomášek. Communication is friendly and smooth, you can’t complain about that.

Everyone is different. However, the myths that IT freak is a strange guy with greasy hair are not confirmed. Most of us are rather younger and have a passion for IT. For many, UBK is their first real professional experience. Then there are some older people who have extensive experience and define the direction of the teams. Each team is specific in something. From my position I can see exactly the different processes between the teams.

Years ago, on my initiative, the import of lunches was introduced, which I am happy about. A LAN party at the company was more of a joint idea. Then there are various details connected with the treasure content in the kitchen. Sometimes the management asks me for my opinion, from which something then emerges. We managed to change several internal processes and set up some servers and services. In this respect the management listens.

UBK is an IT company, guys can deal with problems that come up. Simple requirements are omitted, but then relatively often insidious things come up. These are often problems for which I do not know the solution and it will be necessary to search, research and try. In this respect it is clear that I have no one to consult with and am forced to find out everything myself. Sometimes it takes hours to go through the protocols, read the documentation and then find a solution in the form of less basic steps. Some of the requirements already show problems at first sight, so I avoid them a bit (in vain). But most of them can be solved, which satisfies me.

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