Vláďa’s recipe for a relaxed atmosphere are sweet white Haribo mice and open communication

Ondra and I are still working on fine-tuning our collaboration in the Planeo. I am currently in two teams. Easy and Targenio. I have two colleagues in Easy Team and four in Targenio.

I always try to support good spirits in the team and communicate as good as I can :). I prefer oral communication, that’s why we have daily clearings in the (Easy) team. When the mood in the team decreases, white mice (or other sweets) work reliably.

I’m working on the surfbox project right now. This is a touch kiosk application that allows you to print documents from removable media or the cloud. This year we also developed the server part, which is the part the kiosks communicate with and where these kiosks can be configured. Interesting in this project is the communication with different devices that take and accept coins, banknotes and payment cards. I also work with Ondra and other members of the Targenia team on the Planeo project. This is a web application to automate the processes of order fulfillment – job printing, packaging, shipping, etc. – which is growing very fast with more and more features. I also work with Štefan on the modular project. This is a data input application and we have now implemented a search in saved texts. The last project I am working on is easyComplaint and you will surely hear about this application soon :).

It’s hard to choose one particular thing. That was a bunch. A very interesting experience was when we worked for a German client directly at his place in Nuremberg and had a rented apartment where we were from Monday to Friday. We worked on this project for about 8 months. Of course, teambuildings from the company are and were interesting b like finding a taxi at the Lipno reservoir at 2am to take us to the next disco – it wasn’t that far in the end, so we preferred to walk it 🙂 and many others.

Most of the time I ask myself what to solve, what kind of tea to make and why I didn’t get up an hour before.

Years ago (at the time of my beginnings in the UBK) I would probably say that the UBK lacks a lead programmer or a person who would lead me -> would advise me and if necessary check the source code from time to time and tell me what I am doing wrong and why. The point is that others improve much slower without such people. Now it is surely better. On the one hand I already have a lot of own experiences, on the other hand there is the possibility to organize a consultation or arrange a training.

The entire UBK moved to a new, air-conditioned building last year, which is great, especially in the summer. I personally sit in a separate office with three other colleagues.

I am doing well at UBK. I’ve been here for several years (you could say that I’ll soon complete the second five-year plan) and when I needed something, the management was always helpful. We have an extensive benefit system and many company events, so satisfaction.

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