In recent years we have grown a lot and have gained a lot of experience to bring our own products to the world. We have a number of interesting ideas that won’t miss your attention! We bring a range of business products with a single name easy, which will greatly facilitate your everyday working day.

You can look forward to:

  • easyADMIN – Relief for administrators in the area of ​​monitoring
  • easyRECRUIT –Help for recruiting recruiters
  • easyCOACH – Application for coaches
  • easyCOMPLAINT - Easy management of complaints
  • easyMCP - Simplification for administration in the area of administration of company assets
  • Travelgarten - Comparison of the offers of travel agents. The application is developed in cooperation with the company SF-Software

We also prepare products for common userswho enjoy having fun and appreciate clear tools for their leisure time use.

Our pilot project, which we are launching on the market, is a live live&local music application that won’t let you sit! Live music performances are now within your reach - see who, where and what is being played today and enjoy it. Live&Local manages to combine the world of music with the right people - with you and the musicians who appreciate the opportunity to visualize and maybe play at dream events and with organizers whom will facilitate the work with organization of music performances. Live&Local will surely draw you into the world of music.

Originally, we started to develop to order the Live&Local application for the US market (specifically Texas). There will work this app a bit like a social network of music enthusiasts, professional and amateur artists and event organizers. But then we said that good music is also in the Czech Republic. What a Czech, a musician, right? Communicate with fans and visitors through the modern application - Live&Local!  

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